‘Testimony’ was written using interviews for the ‘It Gets Better’ project, but to me it has always had a broader implication, speaking for those who have experienced bullying or felt shame for who they are, whatever the reason. I have always hoped for a good SATB performance, and hearing the piece so beautifully sung by the EVUSA under the always impeccable direction of Judith Clurman is a real joy for me.
— Stephen Schwartz

Essential Voices USA

Judith Clurman Conductor
James Cunningham Piano

  • Joseph Beutel
  • Luthien Brackett
  • Connor Cheek
  • Lianne Coble
  • Margery Daley
  • Lana Graves
  • Paul Hernandez
  • Alonso Johnson
  • Helen Karloski
  • Matthew Leonard
  • David Gabriel Lerner
  • Kate Levin
  • Drew Martin
  • Steven Moore
  • Kim Queren
  • Heather Petrie
  • Jamet Pittman
  • Gregory Purnhagen 
  • Mikki Sodergren
  • Elisa Singer
  • John Tiranno
  • Kim Queren
  • Tommy Wazelle
  • Katherine Wessinger
  • Lewis White
Rehearsing, conducting, and recording ‘Testimony’ has been a moving experience for me and for my chorus members. I hope that this recording can help inspire people to be more sensitive to other people’s feelings.
— Judith Clurman



Music & Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz

Judith Clurman Executive Producer

Silas Brown Producer and Recording Engineer

Doron Schächter Assistant Engineer 

Richard Termine Photography

Robbie Rozelle Cover Design

Essential Voices USA’s proceeds from this recording will be used to conduct anti-bullying workshops in New York City Public Schools.

Rehearsal Video was filmed at the Manhattan School of Music on June 20, 2017.

David Merrill Rehearsal Video Sound Engineer

Jaimie Vallés Videography – AJV Media