Broadway Records and Yellow Sound Label today announced So Much To Say – Songs for Every Town, was released digitally on Friday, October 5, 2018. The album will be available at www.BroadwayRecords.com, Amazon and iTunes upon release.

 “Watching the wave of gun violence spread across our country and into our schools is difficult and we’re all faced with the question – ‘What can I do.’ We wanted to do something to support the great organization, Everytown for Gun Safety, so we commissioned some of New York’s finest composers and asked our favorite singers to record an 11 track album inspired by the stories and survivors of gun violence in our schools. We hope this collection of original music will help bring awareness and support to this crucial movement. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we’ve enjoyed creating So Much To Say.” – Michael Croiter (album producer).


So Much To Say – Songs For Every Town features original music by Rob Rokicki, Drew Gasparini, Bobby Cronin, Zoe Sarnak, Michael Mott, Lynne Shankel, Michael Patrick Walker, Julie Foldesi, Gary Adler, Laurence O’Keefe & Nell Benjamin. Vocal artists include Justin Guarini, Margo Seibert, Ariana DeBose, Katerina Papacostas, Bobby Cronin, Julie Foldesi, Drew Gasparini, Rob Rokicki, Shayna Steele, Jennifer Perry, Gary Adler, Celeste Rose and more.


Track List

  1. When I Kiss You Goodbye” (written by Rob Rokicki; performed by Rob Rokicki, Salli Garrigan and Pace University students Ben Nurthen, Matt Piper, Jamir Brown, Sean-Michael Bruno, Maria Andrioli, Emmalee Kidwell, Hillary Dominguez and Karissa Carleton)

  2. “Thoughts and Prayers” (written and performed by Drew Gasparini)

  3. “That’s Not The Way It’s Gonna Be” (written by Lynne Shankel; performed by Julie Foldesi)

  4. “Stand For Change” (written by Michael Patrick Walker; performed by Shayna Steele)

  5. “Standing Proud” (written by Julie Foldesi; performed by Caitlyn Caughell)

  6. “17” (written and performed by Bobby Cronin)

  7. “Stand With Me” (written by Zoe Sarnak; performed by Justin Guarini, Margo Seibert, Ariana DeBose, Katerina Papacostas, Bobby Cronin and Sean-Michael Bruno)

  8. “Never Again” (written by Gary Adler; performed by Jennifer Perry and Gary Adler)

  9. “Stupid Kids” (written by Laurence O’Keffe and Nell Benjamin; performed by Celeste Rose, Imari Hardon, Nicole Vandyzandy, Charissa Hogeland, Doug Storm, Donnie Kehr, Matt Hetherington)

  10. “Be The Song” (written by Michael Mott; performed by Michael Mott, Jonathan Burke, Brandon Contreras, Lauren Devine, Brittany Dorazio, Joshua Greenblatt, Nathan Richardson, Lindsay Rider and Nicole Turner)

  11. “Ordinary Day” (written by Jonathan Reid Gealt; performed by Loren Allred)

 The artists support the work of Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund and its mission to end gun violence in the United States.

 So Much To Say – Songs For Every Town is executive produced by Yael Silver, produced by Michael Croiter and will be released jointly through Broadway Records and Yellow Sound Label. The cover art is designed by Robbie Rozelle.