Essential Voices USA - Immigrant Dreams [MP3]


In honor of the 132nd anniversary of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty on October 28, Emmy and Grammy-nominated musical director/conductor Judith Clurman conducts Essentials Voices USA in recordings of “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor” (Irving Berlin/Emma Lazarus, arr. by David Chase) with Tony Award winner Randy Graff (City of Angels) narrating, and “America the Beautiful/Wheels of a Dream (Samuel A. Ward/Katharine Lee Bates; Stephen Flaherty/Lynn Ahrens – arr. Larry Hochman), featuring soloist Tony Award winner Brian Stokes Mitchell (Ragtime).

Proceeds from “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor” will be used for EVUSA’s anti-bullying workshops in NYC Public Schools. Proceeds from “Wheels of a Dream” will be given to The Actor’s Fund.

Emma Lazarus’ sonnet, “The New Colossus” was written in 1883 to raise money for the construction of a pedestal for the Statue of Liberty. In 1903, her poem was cast onto a bronze plaque and mounted inside the pedestal’s lower level. Irving Berlin used a section of Lazarus’ poem in his song “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor” in the 1949 production of his show Miss Liberty.  Here, Judith Clurman conducts Randy Graff narrating Emma Lazarus’ entire sonnet, “The New Colossus” with her Essential Voices USA;  Lee Musiker, piano and Raman Ramakrishnan, cello.  Members of EVUSA are Haley Abbott, Paul D’Arcy, Maria Becvar, Joseph Beutel, Margery Daley, Marc Day, Michael Douris, Margaret Dudley, Solange Gosselin, Nicholas Harbison, Dominic Inferrera, Alonzo Johnson, Linda Jones, Danya Katok, Helen Karloski, Kate Levin, Heather Petrie, Jamet Pittman, Gregory Purnhagen, Mikki Sodergren, Elisa Singer Strom, Kirsten Sollek, Michael Steinberger, Lee Steiner, Barbara Underwood, Tommy Wazelle, and Lewis White. The recording was produced by Silas Brown.

Brian Stokes Mitchell portrayed Coalhouse Walker Jr in the 1997 Stephen Flaherty/Lynn Ahrens musical Ragtime.  Here, Judith Clurman conducts him singing an a cappella arrangement of “America the Beautiful” with her Essential Voices USA, as an introduction to a chamber orchestral version of “Wheels of A Dream.”  Tedd Firth, piano; Kathryn Anderson, violin; Angela Pickett, viola; Michael Dahlberg, cello; Steve Lyon, oboe; and Rheagan Noleen, french horn are featured.  Members of EVUSA are Laurel Cameron, Eileen Clark, Emma Clune, Margery Daley, Emily Eyre, Laura Green, Dominc Inferrera, Sylvie Jensen, Drew Martin, Neal Netherly, Charles Sprawls, John Tiranno, James Archie Worley, Amaranta Viera, and Lewis White. The recording was produced by David Frost.

Release Date: October 25, 2018

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