Wicked Clone [Signed CD]

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Wicked Clone - The Cinema Musical is an immersive blend of musical theatre, epic film projections depicting 15th century Transylvania to modern day NYC (and beyond), and a magic realist story about a vampire bitten by a human being which turns the tables on tradition.  

"A rare piece of audio and video creativity" (City Guide NY,) the musical introduces the audience to the native land of Indiggo Twins - "a realm reminiscent of Dante Alligheri's Divine Comedy," according to Mihaela, which further takes us "through the tunnels of Lucifer, the head of God, and down to the dreamland New York City." 

The original Off-Broadway cast recording of Wicked Clone features 25 original songs written, arranged, produced and performed by Indiggo Twins who both play piano, guitar, drums and sing in multiple harmonies which "could bewitch the spirits and make one live 1000 years more" according to their "Dracula's Land" song.

A Center Stage Records Release