Stone Crossed (Studio Concept Recording) [MP3]

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It’s the Stone Age, and the land of Arkose is divided into two sides by a fault line. Following the teachings from their ancestors and paintings on cave walls, each believes that the other is dangerous, and so stay away from each other; keeping to their own side. Stone Crossed, the new musical by Philip David Stern, tells the story of two young lovers whose lives are changed forever when they inadvertently cross the divide. Falling instantly in love, Stoney & Jewel discover that they are more the same than they are different, despite what they had been taught to believe and start to question what has been painted in stone.

Will these stone-crossed lovers choose a shorter life together over a longer life apart?

The recording of Stone Crossed stars Krystina Alabado, Alex Boniello, Gabi Campo, Antonio Cipriano, Will Connolly, Telly Leung, Elle McLemore, Celia Rose Gooding, Jon Rua and Samantha Williams. Also appearing on the recording are Emma Blatt, Hannah Bonnett, Emma Claye, Max Chlumecky, Jonny Cortes, Mitchell Torres, Emma Lord, Matt Piper, Leonard Rose and Drew Ross Springer-Miller.

Digital Release Date: May 21, 2021