Steve Marzullo: Show Some Beauty [CD]

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Broadway. Classical Music. Sondheim. Shakespeare. Nyro. Bernstein. Steve Marzullo is a composer who has been influenced by all those sources. A little bit Broadway, a little bit pop, a little bit classical and a whole lot of unique artistry come together to make his works unclassifiable. He is a singular artist- who, like the best crysal prisms, allows the light of creativity to go through him and create music that illuminates and could not originate from any other source.

Featuring Rebecca Luker, Ric Ryder, Ann Harada, Julia Murney, Terri Klausner, Stephanie Card, Sally Wilfert, Judy Blazer, Heidi Blickenstaff, Andréa Burns, Rachel Ulanet, Michael Winther, Luther Creek and Annie Golden

A Yellow Sound Label Release