Songs From Hex - The Studio Sessions [MP3]

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Hex goes beyond the kiss that woke the Sleeping Beauty and tells the story from the fairy’s perspective as she tries everything in her power to make things right after placing the hex on the baby. Rosalie Craig plays the fairy in this mythic, big-hearted new musical, with music by Jim Fortune and lyrics by Rufus Norris.

The three songs released today are Probly, Sixteen and In the Middle:

  • Probly is sung by Fairy (Rosalie Craig). After Fairy has been invited to the Palace to bless the new baby, Rose, she questions whether she should go or whether she will be forever on the outside.

  • Sixteen is sung by Rose (Kat Ronney). On the eve of her 16th birthday our soon-to-be sleeping beauty dreams of breaking free from her over-protective parents and the confines of her palace life.

  • In The Middle is sung by Fairy (Rosalie Craig) and Queenie (Tamsin Carroll). After the birth of Bert, the Prince, Fairy tries to teach Queenie to trust her maternal rather than her ogre instincts, and to feed the baby.

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