Seasons (A New Musical Song-Cycle) [MP3]

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Tyler Tafolla’s new song cycle Seasons follows six childhood friends, who within the span of six years, will go through some of the milestone seasons of life. They will chase careers, fall in and out of relationships and transition into adulthood. With a mix of nostalgic introspection and 80’s rock, Seasons will answer the lifelong question of why seasons of our life must change and why change is good.

Featuring Desi Oakley, Mariah Rose Faith, Adante Carter, Dillon Klena, Michael Restaino, Bethany Slomka, Matthew Sanderson, Everjohn Feliciano, Megan Kuramoto-Tafolla, Gabbie Adner, Cassie Bowerman and Michael Pinning.

Newly mixed and remastered by Grammy nominee Michael J Moritz Jr.

A Broadway Records / Theatre Barn Records release

Digital Release Date: January 28, 2022

A Broadway Records Release