Nick Cordero & Liana Stampur: Dear Hate (Single) [MP3]

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Nick Cordero’s last public performance, a song with the timely message that love conquers all despite the existence of hate. Performed by Cordero and Liana Stampur, Dear Hate” was recorded live at Sony Hall on March 9th 2020, and was unknowingly Nick’s final appearance in public.

“On Monday night, I found myself thinking about Nick, how much I miss him and so many others lost, and how so much had changed in the world since he left us,” says Michael J Moritz Jr, Nick’s music director and frequent collaborator. “I remembered that I had Nick’s last public performance in my archives, and felt a real desire to release it to the world. I woke up with an idea and called Nick’s wife, Amanda. I asked what she thought about releasing this poignant single to honor all the people who’ve helped our country through the difficult year, and honor all those lost to COVID-19. Nick loved this song and sounds so good on it with Liana. The lyrics serve as a remember that love and beauty remain, even in the seemingly darkest of times; a fitting message for this moment in history."

In addition to Cordero and Stampur, the single features Michael J Moritz Jr (Piano/Music Director), Larry Cook (Bass), Jakob Reinhardt (Guitar), Bryan Carter (Drums) and Damon Grant (Percussion) with backing vocals by Natalia Lepore Hagan and Annabelle Kempf. The single is produced, mixed and mastered by Michael J Moritz Jr.

Proceeds from “Dear Hate” will benefit The Actors Fund.

Release Date: January 20, 2021

A Center Stage Records Release