Most Likely Not To... (The Official Cast Album of the Musical) - EP [MP3]

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Most Likely Not To… is an edgy new musical comedy, created by the spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) community, offering a light-hearted look at life with disabilities and a window into how ableism colors everyday situations. Follow our protagonist — a high-powered fashion designer — as she navigates a meet-cute, an awkward high school reunion and a dodgy run-in with the airline industry while traveling cross-country with her wheelchair. With an eclectic ensemble cast, the production features show-stopping musical numbers in a comedic twist on disability like you’ve never seen before.

The six-song EP is produced by Adam Pryor and mixed by Grammy Award nominee Michael J. Moritz Jr., who also leads the band. Featuring songs by Greg Dean Borowsky, James Ian, Peter Mills, Katya Stanislavskaya, and Melvin Tunstall III, the show’s cast includes Lauryn Adams, Darilyn Castillo, Andrew Chappelle , Sarah Dacey Charles, Bryan Cortes, James Ian, Cedric Leiba Jr., Alexis Loiselle, Joel Manuel, Phil Sloves, Yasmeen Suliman, Jesse Swimm, Melvin Tunstall III, Natalie Weiss, Allie Williams, and Jessy Yates.

In total, 13 members of the SMA community played a role in the development of Most Likely Not To…, including 7 people living with SMA and 6 non-disabled caregivers who serve as SMA advocates. Both the star and much of the supporting cast are living with SMA. The script-writing process involved SMA community members along every step of the way. Most Likely Not To… features original songs, performed by members of the SMA community, including full ensemble numbers, a hilarious parody of air travel, a soulful duet and a 90s remix of “SPACES”. “SPACES” was a first-of-its-kind musical collaboration between Genentech and the SMA community recorded in 2021 to highlight the talents and humanity of people with disabilities and demonstrate that people with disabilities belong in all spaces.

Digital Release Date: March 1, 2024

A Center Stage Records Release

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