Monstersongs (World Premiere Recording) [CD]

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The original graphic novel rock album Monstersongs , with music and lyrics by The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical composer Rob Rokicki and illustrations by Dave O’Neill (Shankman & O’Neill children’s book series). 

Featuring Jelani Alladin, Katrina Rose Dideriksen , Cheryl FreemanMolly Hager, F. Michael Haynie, Megan Hilty, Joe Iconis, Lauren Marcus, Jeremy Morse, Julia Murney, Luca Padovan, Rob Rokicki, TyceJason SweetTooth Williams, Emma Gannon-Salomon, Sami Griffith, and Mackenzie Jones, Monstersongs tells the stories of monsters and monster-archetypes listeners will recognize—”The Witch,” “Igor,” “A Troll,” “The Dragon,” and “Medusa,” among others—with exciting contemporary musical twists, accompanied by a graphic novel that provides fans with further insight into the world of the monsters.

Release date: October 20, 2017

A Center Stage Records Release

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