Michael Longoria: Broadway Brick By Brick [Signed CD]

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Original “Jersey Boy” Michael Longoria releases his debut solo album BROADWAY BRICK BY BRICK. Longoria has partnered with a dream team of musical greats including: Grammy winner John McDaniel, who music directed and arranged, Grammy winning producer Jeffrey Lesser, and orchestrator Jesse Vargas.  The release offers Broadway’s biggest songs, featuring Longoria’s soulful voice and incorporating his Latin roots.  

Each song offers a snapshot of Longoria’s journey, starting with “Home” from The Wiz, where he starts his tale as a child, listening to his mother’s Mariachi music played on an old piano she bought from a priest in the 70s.  “Maria” from West Side Story sets the stage for his very first audition in high school. “The Impossible Dream” reflects his efforts to acknowledge his immigrant father’s wishes but to ultimately follow his own path, to New York and his dream of Broadway.

Release Date: May 5, 2016

A Center Stage Records Release