Corey Brunish: Just the Three of Us [MP3]

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JUST THE THREE OF US is inspired by the birth of Corey Brunish's daughter Olivia. For the six months prior to Olivia's birth, Corey sang to her nightly. He knew she was listening because she would gently kick her mom, Jessica, during his serenades. After Olivia was born, any time she was grumpy or weepy or fussy, Brunish discovered that a soft verse of one of her favorite songs would bring an expression of wonder and serenity in very short order. JUST THE THREE OF US is a collection of those songs as well as original compositions. Brunish says "Olivia and her Mom have changed my life for the better in countless ways. Music is not heard only with the ears, but rather vibrates every cell of our being. This album is dedicated to them."

Release Date: December 14, 2020

A Center Stage Records Release

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