Cleopatra: The Musical Experience (World Premiere Recording) [MP3]

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The charisma of Beyoncé, the influence of Oprah, and the wealth of Melinda: there was one woman who had it all before them: Cleopatra. 31 B.C.E. finds the legendary queen, and the most powerful woman the world had ever seen, celebrating Egypt's latest triumph over the Roman Republic with an extravagant celebration thrown in honor of her lover Marc Antony. But outside the city walls, the nefarious Roman general Octavian lurks, and enemies plot her dynasty's end just as the disco hits its crescendo. Set to an original high-octane pop and EDM score with music by Jeff Daye and lyrics by Laura Kleinbaum and Jeff Daye, this exhilarating immersive musical traces history's most mysterious ruler and mixes historical drama with an enveloping spectacle that will leave Cleopatra's guests guessing and grooving all night long. Featuring Nya, Dusty Ray Bottoms, Christian Brailsford, Sydney Parra, Corbin Payne, Yuriko Miyake, Cody Mowrey, Alexia Sielo, Timothy Wilson and Audrey Rose Young.

Release Date: July 12, 2019

A Center Stage Records Release

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