Broadway Kids Against Bullying – I Have a Voice [MP3]

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I am so honored and grateful for my music to be used for this cause, which as a father, is so very important to me.... I believe music can heal, I believe so strongly in its power to communicate. Being in the studio, watching and hearing these beautiful children sing Robin’s beautiful words was a truly inspiring moment, one I’ll never forget. I only hope that this recording and video can be shared with the world, and that this message resonates with all of us.” — FRANK WILDHORN


Participating artists:

  • Fabi Aguirre
  • Spencer Arjang
  • Gabby Beredo
  • Paul Luke Bonenfant
  • Ava Briglia
  • Beada Briglia
  • Isabella Burke
  • Allie Jordan Butcher
  • Courtney Chu
  • Olivia Chun
  • Hana Colley
  • Ava Della Pietra
  • Gregory Diaz IV
  • Andrew DiTusa
  • Evie Dolan
  • Cole Alex Edelstein
  • Tori Feinstein
  • Hayley Feinstein (soloist)
  • Josh Feldman
  • Carly Gendell
  • Sophia Gennusa (soloist)
  • Zoe Glick
  • Gabby Gutierrez
  • Gianna Harris
  • Nina Howland (soloist)
  • James Ignacio
  • Nicholas Aaron Jenkins
  • Mia Sinclair Jenness
  • Luka Kain
  • Jim Kaplan
  • Eleanor Koski
  • Haley Lanzoni
  • Ashley Lanzoni
  • Kasey YouMe Lee
  • Diego Lucano
  • Eliza Holland Madore
  • Zoe Manarel
  • Mehret Marsh (soloist)
  • Cayen Martin
  • Aliyah Mastin (soloist)
  • Grace Matwijec
  • Rileigh McDonald
  • Dante Melucci
  • Madilyn Jaz Morrow
  • Zell Steele Morrow
  • Callia Muhammad
  • Angeli M. Negron
  • Alexa Shae Niziak
  • Lily Brooks O'Briant
  • Luca Padovan (soloist)
  • Gabriella Pizzolo (soloist)
  • Julian Rivera-Summerville
  • MiMi Ryder
  • Talia Ryder
  • Milly Shapiro
  • Abigail Shapiro
  • Mavis Simpson-Ernst (soloist)
  • Magnolia Strouse
  • Walden Sullivan
  • Nicky Torchia
  • Ava Ulloa (soloist)
  • Jonah Verdon
  • Jeremy T. Villas
  • Alexandra Vlachos
  • Aviva Winick
  • Rocco Wu
  • Timothy Yang
  • Graydon Peter Yosowitz (soloist)
  • Phoebe Young
  • Kathryn Zimmer
I work with children often and have seen how saddened they have been by the increase in bullying and intolerance that have occurred this year. This song and video is an opportunity for 70+ child performers from Broadway and beyond to express their voice and to let other children know they have a voice as well. Everyone is valued and we hope this song will inspire others to be more inclusive and tolerant. Differences are beautiful and should be celebrated.



Music by Frank Wildhorn
Lyrics by Robin Lerner

From the forthcoming new musical
Song of Bernadette


Michael J. Moritz Jr. - Producer

Rhythm Arrangement - Michael J. Moritz Jr.
Vocal Arrangement - Jason Howland
String Arrangement - Jason Howland, Michael J. Moritz Jr.

Michael J. Moritz Jr. - Piano / Conductor
Adam DeAscentis - Bass
Jimmy Leahey - Guitar
Billy LaGuardia - Percussion
Entcho Todorov - Violin

Matt Lehmann - Violin
Molly Goldman - Viola

Andrew Nielson - Cello

Executive Producers:
Van Dean and Gina Holland

Executive Producer for No Bully:
Michelle Shapiro

Co-Executive Producers:
Mia Moravis & Chris McCartie

Cover Art Illustration by
Alejandra Cardeñosa Hererra

Cover Art Design by Robbie Rozelle

Recorded and filmed (performance video) at the DiMenna Center (

Narrative video filmed at PPAS (


Film Production Team:

Directed by Jason Milstein
Cinematographer: Steven Della Salla
Production Designer: Briana Calcagno
Unit Production Manager: Courtney Baxter
1st Assistant Director: Michael Leavy
Line Producer/Key Grip: Kyle Baxter
1st Assistant Camera: Jason Leavy
Production Design Assistant: Erin Boyle
Art Assistant: Robert Privitera

Editor: Jason Milstein
Colorist: Chris DiBerardino

Special Thanks: Rob Morlano -
Technicolor Postworks New York

Sound Design: David Delizza

Story Development:
Jason Milstein
Jeremy Cimino
Ashley Kipness, PsyD

Videos Produced by:
Jason Milstein
Steven Della Salla
Michael Leavy
Courtney Baxter
Phil Falcone

A Center Stage Records Release

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