Bobby Conte: Along The Way [MP3]

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Along the Way, Bobby Conte’s debut studio album based off his acclaimed solo concert, charts the journey of a young man slowly ridding himself of his societal ignorance as he strives to carve out his own path in this terrifying world. Through a series of relationships, he reflects on the profound joy, heartbreak and good humor experienced in the pursuit of love, success and connection. And perhaps comes to the understanding that it’s not the mistakes that define one’s life, but how that individual chooses to learn, evolve and live on through those missteps out of brutal honesty, unconditional love and kindness.

This story is scored by an eclectic array of songs, all re-imagined and orchestrated multi-faceted conductor/musician and producer, James Sampliner. From classic orchestral Broadway (“Time Heals Everything”) to funkified Sondheim (“Everybody Says Don’t”), from acoustic folk (“Here, There and Everywhere”) to gospel rat pack (“That’s Life”), from swinging mambo (“She Loves Me”) to 90’s R&B (“Me and Mrs. Jones”), from Brahms meets Berlin (“How Deep Is the Ocean?”) to Steely Dan meets Pasek & Paul (“Along the Way”) — this record strives to subvert expectation and surprise the listener at every turn, all in the service of lyric-driven storytelling.

A Center Stage Records Release

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