Analise Scarpaci - Pathetic Little Dreamer [Signed CD]

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On her debut EP, “Pathetic Little Dreamer”, delivers a singer-songwriter pop mix of seven original songs by the rising star of Mrs. Doubtfire, Analise Scarpaci. Praised by The Seattle Times with reviews like “Analise Scarpaci has a legit pop-star voice” and Variety calling Analise “a stand out” this one is one to watch.

“Pathetic Little Dreamer” is produced and mixed by Michael J Moritz Jr. Musicians include Adam DeAscentis on bass, Jakob Reinhardt on guitar, Tom Jorgenson on drums, and Damon Grant on percussion. Michael J Moritz Jr serves as music director as well as piano and synths. The album is engineered by Jakob Reinhardt.

Release Date: December 10, 2021