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The powerful new musical White Rose stars Jo Ellen Pellman, of Netflix’s The Prom, alongside Mike Cefalo (New York, New York) as siblings Scholl and Hans Scholl – the fearless leaders of a Nazi Resistance Group. Kennedy Kanagawa (Into the Woods) joins them, as group member Christoph Probst. The show, written by a pair of educators, exemplifies the power young students have and their potential to change history.
Based on historical events, the musical captures the determined resistance of university students confronting Hitler’s regime. The gripping narrative follows young activists who challenge Nazi propaganda by distributing leaflets written to expose the injustices around them. Set amid the grim backdrop of Nazi Germany, the musical pulsates with the group’s unwavering determination and hope for a better future.
The true story of the White Rose Resistance Group, led by siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl, began in Munich in 1942. They anonymously distributed leaflets and used graffiti to spark active opposition against the oppressive Nazi regime until they were arrested by the Gestapo in February 1943. Sadly, core members of the group, including the Scholls, faced execution just days later in 1943.
The White Rose’s six leaflets, with 15,000 copies circulated, reached thousands of people and went down in history as courageous condemnations of the Holocaust and the Nazis’ other atrocities. Their bravery has inspired many, including those behind this poignant musical.