Rags Parkland Sings the Songs of The Future (Original Cast Recording) [CD]

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The Original Cast Recording of this award-winning new musical doubles as a sci-fi concept album set 250 years into the future OR 250 years from now, , intercutting fictional live recordings of two concerts- one that resurrects the folk music of the 23rd century’s civil rights movement— and one that places you in the heart of that life or death struggle, at the underground concert of blues-rock rebels (and constructed humans) Beaux Weathers & The Future. The never-before-heard audio of the band’s final performance is framed by the return-to-Earth concert of The Future’s only human-born member, Rags Parkland. Combined, they paint an all too familiar picture of perseverance in the face of persecution— a rallying cry for vigilance against the hatred that fuels human evil as we turn the corner into the 24th century. 

Rags Parkland Sings The Songs Of The Future opened on October 15, 2018 to universal acclaim at Ars Nova. Created by Andrew R. Butler, a former Ars Nova resident artist and 2018 Jonathan Larson Grant recipient, this sci-fi folk concert was directed by Jordan Fein. The production won the 2019 Lortel Award for Outstanding Musical and was nominated in six categories.

The cast for Rags Parkland Sings The Songs Of The Future includes Rick Burkhardt, Andrew R. Butler, Tony Jarvis, Jessie Linden, Stacey Sargeant and Debbie Christine Tjong. The creative team included Madeline Smith (music director), Laura Jellinek (scenic design), Andy Jean (costume design), Barbara Samuels (lighting design), Mikaal Sulaiman (sound design), Jhanaë K-C Bonnick (production stage manager), John C. Moore (assistant stage manager) and Henry Russell Bergstein, CSA (casting director). Orchestrations, arrangements and additional music by Rick Burkhardt, Andrew R. Butler, Jessie Linden, Tony Jarvis, Maya Sharpe, Madeline Smith, and Debbie Christine Tjong. The original cast recording is produced by David Treatman and Tony Maimone.

Release Date: March 27, 2020

A Center Stage Records Release