If You Wait For The Weather (from The Odyssey) [MP3 Single]

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"If You Wait for the Weather" is a modern day sea-shanty. It tells the story of a woman who goes off to war and her fear of the journey home. Home, after years at war, feels distant and foreign. The journey is fraught with danger. The chorus tells her not to wait for the weather to lift before embarking - “Take courage, you’ve known worse than this"

In the National Theatre's version of The Odyssey, we watch our community chorus literally build Odysseus a ship for the journey as they sing this song. They provide her with the courage and resilience she needs for her fearful journey home. 

"If You Wait for the Weather" is written by Jim Fortune and Chris Bush, and performed by Sharon Duncan-Brewster, Victoria Hamilton-Barritt, Zubin Varla and Ashley Zhangazha.

Release Date: August 18, 2023

A Broadway Records Release