Speech & Debate (Original Motion Picture Score) [MP3]

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Based on Tony Award winner and Pulitzer Prize nominee Stephen Karam’s hit play, SPEECH & DEBATE centers on three misfit teenagers Howie, Diwata, and Solomon, each with their own personal motives, who come together to revive their school’s defunct Speech & Debate Club. After Howie’s request for a gay-straight alliance is rejected by the local school board and Diwata is disappointed in not landing the lead role in the school play, Solomon, whose articles keep getting rejected by the school newspaper, convinces them both to join him in competing in the statewide debate tournament. Howie and Diwata join and the three form an unlikely bond. After a lackluster performance in the tournament and a wild night of soul-searching and confronting their differences, the trio learns that the school has denied their club funding. Having now found their voice, Howie, Diwata, and Solomon band together to prove to the school board that everyone has a voice and is worthy of being heard.

The album features the full score, written by composer Deborah Lurie. Also included as a bonus track is a karaoke version of "Losers Are Winners (Flying Free)", written by Stephen Kaman and sung in the film by Kristin Chenoweth.

A Center Stage Records Release